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The Origins Debate


A Rational Foundation The Logic Behind The Issue -- GOD AND SCIENCE ARE NOT COMPARABLE

     1. Science, by definition and ability, is locked into Time and Space and is limited by its methodology to observing present-day processes and phenomena.

     2. God, defined within the historical documents under examination, is outside Space and Time.

     It is impossible for any scientist working within the evolution idea, to deny God, on the basis of what he/she knows or understands as a scientist.

     Scientific methodology does not provide the ability, authority or the jurisdiction for such conclusions.

    In choosing the word, "impossible," it is not being stated that individual scientists can't deny God or don't attempt to deny God.

     Its use is logical and rationally consistent within the construct of science.  There is no scientifically reliable basis by which God can be denied  within and/or through the methodology and jurisdiction of science.

Rationality in Science And The Cultural Response

    At the beginning of this examination of the Origins Debate, it had been recognized that,..."This often heated debate has brought into question, (for many people), not only the rationality and authority of religion, but the authority and rationality of  science, as well."

    Further, the suggestion, "...that the debate should be framed to meet the requirements of a consistent rationality within science and a consistent rationality within religion." - comes from a basic ethical consideration inherent within intellectual honesty.

Intellectual Honesty -- Requires A Level Playing  Field In The World of Ideas

     It is this lack of a level playing field within the educational community and through-out the larger culture that has forced scientists who accepted the Intelligent Design perspective regarding Origins, into what some have labeled a "defensive" posture.

     It seems compelling that those who assert an alleged "defensive" posture taken by creationists (by charging that their response has been merely reactive to evolutionists' claims ),  who have been the most intellectually dishonest in their criticism.

     The injustice of the criticism can be compared to a boxing match, where one boxer has one arm tied behind his back, his feet in shackles and his opponent keeps hitting him below the belt while the boxing commission applauds the illegal boxing behavior (doing nothing about the non-level playing field)!

    Within any other field of public debate, this would be labeled unacceptable and an egregious ethical failure by those who control the arena.

    The Ethic of Intellectual Honesty supports a change regarding this debate.

    It is time to remove the Origins Debate from within the context of science.

     It is intellectually honest to admit that scientists have no scientific basis on which to state real time periods regarding original processes (acting during that period within Time) at the beginnings of the universe because of the limitations within the methodology of science.

     The question of Time and Origins will be examined more closely on Page 4.

    No false idea is ever removed from within a culture until it is refused legitimacy.

    Examining The Historical Basis For A Consistent Origins Rationality within Religion

     This portion of the examination regarding the Origins Debate will be within the framework of the historical documents of the Christian world view and its presentation of its Creation account( both the Hebrew [Judaic documents, such as the book of Genesis] and Greek documents that make up the New Testament will be the referenced material).

     Consideration #1. Fundamental Reality - The rationality of Man comes before all historical avenues to "know."

     If Man did not have an observed and examined, ability to reason, this exploration of an issue, interest, debate, science, etc., couldn't and wouldn't take place

     Starting Point - The ability for Man to reason, is accepted by both the intellectual foundations of science and the historical referenced documents.

     Both systems of thought, agree, that Man is a rational being (The Work of Reason - While Mankind has the ability to reason, it does not necessarily follow that an individual man or woman is always reasonable).

     In terms of Man's history, the methodology of science, as a man-developed system of research is a late comer. 

     Historically, Man examined his world through reason, following events within history (along with observing and creatively participating in his personal world).

     Within the framework of the documents under examination, Man was able to obtain revealed information supported through eye-witness accounts of the biblical God acting in Space and Time, Who consistently provided reliable prophetic forecasts verifiable by those watching their fulfillment.

     The original Hebrew and Greek documents that make up the Bible, are founded on a mandated   respect  for Man's intelligence.  Not only do the documents accept that Man can reason, they require that Man reason.

     These early documents are founded on a fundamental reality that recognizes each human being as having the ability to understand that if there is a God,  Man cannot find God by himself.

     These documents support the reality of Man's limitations; indicating that no matter how effective Man may became in his world, he could never obtain enough ability to make God subservient to Man's intellect.

     Man is helpless to find God on his own.

     Within a consistent rationality, it is understood, that Man is imprisoned in Time and imprisoned in Space.  It is only God Who transcends Time and Space (by definition and supported through historically revealed information).

     If there is a God, He must be willing to seek out Man.

     The early documents under examination, claim that it is the God of the Bible, Who made this choice of personal revelation about Himself (He is willing to reveal Himself to Mankind).

Reviewing The Historical Confirmation of God Acting Within Time and Space

     Relevant to this exploration regarding the Origins Debate, is the historically revealed information contained in the referenced documents, that will provide the reasonable challenges to the non-scientific ideas presented within the evolutionary idea about beginnings.

     Let's begin -

     The Rational Basis for Argument: There is nothing regarding the origins account in the Bible that can be scientifically proved incorrect ( The origins debate is outside the ability of Science to examine original processes and events).

     In spite of the strength and influence of the modern "Press" regarding the statements that individual scientists have stated or written about origins within the idea of evolution, they are all based on origins ideas that scientific methodology cannot access (no origins phenomena has ever been observed or examined by scientific methodology.)

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